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Cupping has been used for hundreds of years in varying forms.
Cupping is beneficial for many things.
Cupping is a gentle technique - very relaxing and even sedating.  
Some clients fall asleep during their session!
Other people report feeling energized after cupping.
For others, it is the preferred method for their problem area because they get
longer-lasting results from it than other forms of massage.
So what can I expect from a cupping appointment?

Your initial session will be conservative; the therapist will not use the cups for the entire
duration of the massage to better benefit you.  If you continue with cupping treatments, the
time the cups are used on you can be increased.  Overuse of the cups can cause the client to
experience negative effects and we don't want to do that!

The therapist will only use plastic cups - not the glass cups that require fire that you might
see in pictures or online.  The method used is very safe!

You can expect to have discoloration in the areas cupped after this service. This is
completely normal and will fade in a few days. The discoloration can last 1-4 days, depending
on your body and aftercare.  You may experience tenderness after this service, but it is
usually minimal and goes away quickly.  Other possible side effects include redness, itching,
and decreased blood pressure.
Is cupping for me?
Are you looking for:


Movement of Stagnation in
your system (blood, lymph,
toxins, tissues)?

Release of Tight, Contracted
Muscle Tissue?

Pain Reduction & Joint

Lymph Drainage?

Scar Reduction?

Assistance with Weight Loss
Programs & Cellulite

If  you said yes, then cupping
is for you!
Would cupping help me?
Do you have:
Athletic Stress & Injury?
Bursitis, Tendonitis, or
Plantar Fasciitis?
Chronic Pain?
Insomnia & Anxiety?
Lung Inflammation &
Migraine, Tension
Headaches, & Sinusitis?
Muscular Aches?
Parkinson’s Disease?
Poor Circulation?
Scars & Adhesions?
Sluggish Colon & IBS?
Spider Veins & Varicosities?
Stagnant Lymph Edema?
TMJ Dysfunction?

If you said yes, cupping
could help!
Is there any reason I
shouldn't cup?

There are a few
contraindications, so please
discuss any health concerns
you might have with your
therapist before scheduling
a cupping session.

Contraindications include:


pacemaker or other
implanted device,

low blood pressure,


use of blood thinners,

recent surgeries,

and acute injury.

*Please notify your therapist
if you are on blood thinners.*