The benefits of massage are
cumulative, so work with your
massage therapist to customize a
plan to meet your wellness goals.
To help make Weekly Massage more affordable,
we have
Discount Punch Cards**
4 Full Body Massages. . . . . . . . . . .     ($20.00 Savings)
4 - 45 min Upper Body Massages. . .   ($15.00 Savings)
4 - 30 min. Upper Body Massages . .   ($10.00 Savings)
**6-week expiration on 4-week packages -
2 extra weeks in case of emergency.
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Our mission is to help our clients to achieve a greater quality of life and positive outlook by
through massage and bodywork, exercise, and education on general nutrition and wellness.  
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The rest of the world is just now learning what we here at Adagio have known for over a decade!  

The following excerpt is from the American Spa Magazine, July 2017:  

“According to research presented at the 2016 Global Wellness Summit, the number one wellness trend for 2017 is the
reimagining of saunas.  And with everyone looking to boost their overall wellness, it is no wonder that celebrities like
Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga have discovered the treatment.  Today’s saunas offer a range of state of the art
features, including infrared technology.  Infrared (25nm-15000nm) (IR) when used in a sauna, heats the body directly
using the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum rays, while traditional saunas heat the air using hot rocks or steam.  
Infrared saunas also differ from light based near infrared treatments, which don’t heat the body, but allow the cells to
absorb light energy, says LightStim’s Amy Gardner.  Saunas with infrared heaters raise the core-body temperature by
two to three degrees.  This produces a deep sweat at the cellular level and allows the body to detox.  When it comes to
detoxification, infrared saunas are seven times more effective than a traditional sauna and can help treat the side
effects of Lyme disease, autoimmune issues, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and autism.  It also rids the body of toxic
elements, says spa manager Kim Callaway.  “The benefit of an infrared device or sauna is primarily overall wellness,”
says Aerolase’s Sean Johnson.”

Come try our sauna for $15 for a 30 minute session or $20 for 45 minutes.  
Punch cards are available to save you money on multiple sessions!  
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Limited Time!!  Rejuvenation Package for $125

NEW! Hour long facial including steam, aromatherapy, and microderm abrasion.  $75

Add on of a full body scrub followed by body butter treatment.  $45

Add on of paraffin wax for hands and feet.  $25

Add on the ability to purchase any in-stock GrandeLip at a 25% discount!  $6.75

Value = $151.75
Cost = $125