The skin is lightly brushed to
increase blood-flow and bring fresh
oxygen and nutrients to the skin to
help the body to detoxify. The
lymphatic flow is increased to
revitalize and boost the immune
stimulated and dead skin cells are
removed to reveal the healthy skin
below. Moisturizing body lotion is
applied to the skin after brushing, or
a massage may follow.

30 mins. . . $20                                 
Botanical Facial
We choose the best products
specifically for your skin
to prevent and/or repair abused skin.
30 minutes.....$35
After the hands and/or feet are
massaged with a creamy lotion
they are dipped in warm paraffin
wax. The warmth increases
circulation and improves joint
mobility. This is an effective
treatment for chronic arthritis and
painful joints. It also provides silky
smooth skin where applied.

Hands-$15   Feet-$15     Both-$25