State Fair Shopping
1400 S Limit, #5
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-4299
Just a few recommendations to make your experience better:

- We ask that you be early for your first appointment to complete the intake form(s).  While there
is typically only one sheet to fill out, we rely on that information and would like to review it
before you go into your appointment.

- We ask that you always be checked in before your appointment time.  You are paying for the
time and expertise of a licensed therapist.  You are paying for the block of time in their schedule
that has been reserved specifically for you.  We don't want you to lose out on that time because
you are just arriving, using the restroom, getting undressed and on the table, or telling your
therapist about the area that hurts.  You need time to do these things before your appointment
begins.  Your appointment time cannot be extended or changed based on your arrival time as our
therapists keep a full schedule.  

- We ask that you not bring children to your appointment.  The time you pay for is specifically for
you.  You cannot focus on yourself if you are concerned with caring for your children.  We do not
have an area that is safe for them to be left alone and insurance does not allow them to be in the
room with you.  
Cancellation Policy:  We require at least 4 business hours notification to
cancel or change your appointment for massage and 24 hour notice of all
other therapies that exceed an hour or you will be required to pay a $30 fee.  

In the event of a no-show you are expected to pay full price for the missed
appointment or the forfeiture of the gift certificate.