Facial Care: "Vitamin C and Green
Clay make our gentle and all natural
cleanser unsurpassed in effectiveness.
Many dermatologists recommend
non-soap cleansers for the prevention
of acne breakouts. The Green Clay
draws out impurities trapped
underneath your skin. The Vitamin C
Esters absorb readily into the skin and
we use them at high concentrations
in the entire Green C line of exclusive
products. The concentrations are high
enough to cause stinging. We bring
Vitamin C Esters, Vitamin E and Green
Clay together in a synergistic blend
that defends against the assaults your
skin encounters on a daily basis- sun,
pollution and the effects of aging."
Bath Bombs: Not only are they fun but
a relaxing addition to any bath tub.
When placed in a full bathtub it bubbles
and fizzes, scenting and coloring the
bath water. Containing Coca Butter to
moisturize the skin, and Sodium
Bicarbonate to soothe. Our bath
bombs are a fun way to enjoy a
therapeutic bath. Bath bombs are
also a perfect size for a foot soak.
Body Lotion: Has a light and
refreshing feel.  This all
natural body lotion is made
with the finest exotic oils and
butters, brimming full of
nutrients and vitamins.
Highly nourishing, it is
absorbed quickly by the skin
and doesn't leave a greasy
feeling.  Full benefits are
derived by regular use.
Coconut Oil: It is often called "the perfect food."  It is a
healthy saturated fat which studies have shown to have
many health benefits for disease prevention and anti-aging.
It can be taken as a supplement, used in
cooking, or applied directly to the skin. It
has been found to promote weight loss,
protect against heart disease, cancer,
diabetes, arthritis, and many other
degenerative diseases.  It also helps
prevent premature aging of the skin, to
strengthen the immune system and
improve digestion.
Shower Gel: Gentle, foaming,
sulfate-free and paraben-free.  
This natural gel can be used
not only for the shower, but for
baths or hand soap for a gentle
cleanse and care.  The formula
uses aloe juice, vegetable
glycerin, vitamins E and C,
organic chamomile and calendula extracts for soothing
properties.  Benefits dry as well as oily skin, leaving
behind  beautiful and healthy skin.
Spa Bath: Sea Salt therapy is an
effective treatment that assists in the
rejuvenation of the cells and induces
a healthy exchange of minerals and
toxins between the blood and water.  
Spa Salt can be added to a bath tub
or even for a great pedicure soak.
Contains a mixture of sea salts,
Epsom salts and select ingredients
to relieve aching muscles and to
rebalance the internal body.
Essential Oils: An essential oil is considered the "life blood" of the
plant. The oil is "essential" because the plant would die without it. It
circulates through the tissue of the plant to carry nutrition into the
cells and waste products out. When applied to your skin, they do
the same things, delivering nutrients, removing waste, and helping
to clean the reception sites of your cells, which can be disrupted
by healing metals and other chemicals. Less expensive oils have
only the fragrance left with the other properties removed. The high
quality essential oils are used for healing purposes and have been
for thousands of years. Pure high quality oils promote restoration
and balance to all of your body's systems,
synthetic oils do not.  Real oils come in dark
bottles listing the ingredients with the botanical
name.  The price is a second factor, but it's a
difference between a pure remedy or synthetic
fragrance. They can be applied to your skin
directly or combined with an oil, such as coconut,
diffused into the air from an essential oil diffuser,
or eaten (must state for internal use).  
We sell
DoTerra oils.
Diffusers: Our essential oil diffusers use a high frequency
that vibrates cool water creating an ultra fine mist into the
air. It helps to ionize the air, cleaning it like a fresh rain.
When essential oils are added to the water they are
released into the air, scenting it while also providing the
health benefits of that oil.
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Pain Reliever
Body Systems
We proudly sell                       healthy botanical skincare.
Solid Perfumes:  For the on-the-go
woman who wants to have a simple,
and easy application of perfume that
is mess free. Made with only the best
butter and oils to also moisturize the
body instead of normal perfumes that
contain alcohol which dries the skin.
Available Scents:
Bali Coconut Milk
Hawaiian Ginger
Available Scents:
Ocean Pacific
Agave Lime Margarita
Acai Passionfruit
Tahiti Vanilla Orchid
Bali Coconut Milk
Marshmallow Pumpkin
Available Scents:
Mango Grapefruit
Mayan Cacao
Ocean Pacific
Agave Lime
Coral Reef
Acai Passionfruit
Tahiti Vanilla Orchid
Bali Coconut Milk
Hawaiian Ginger
Pumpkin Spice
Available Scents:
Mango Grapefruit
Ocean Pacific
Agave Lime Margarita
Coral Reef
Acai Passionfruit
Tahiti Vanilla Orchid
Bali Coconut Milk
Hawaiian Ginger
Mayan Cacao
Available Scents:
Vitamin C Line:
Charcoal Mask

Herbal Eye

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Rocky Mountain Health  
Blended Essential Oils for Therapeutic Massage
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Tei-Fu Massage Lotion by Nature's Sunshine
◾Supports the structural system.         
◾May promote muscle relaxation.
◾Leaves skin smooth and supple.
◾Deeply penetrates skin.

How It Works:
Tei Fu Massage Lotion provides all of the benefits of
Tei Fu Essential Oils but in a creamy lotion form. It’s
especially designed for broad skin  application.  

Contains essential oils of menthol, wintergreen,
camphor, eucalyptus and clove.  Packaged in a tube
for easy application and improved stability.

Recommended Use:
Apply to painful muscles and joints and massage into
the skin. Avoid contact with eyes and nose.
For external use only.
We recommend and sell Chiroflow Pillows.
We sell Wilderness Family Naturals.
Olive Oil:  Crafted on the coast
of the Aegean sea by a Coop of
farmers, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(EVOO) is simply exquisite. Once
you have tried it you will never go
back to your old brand!
Drink your plants!
We sell
Traditional Medicinal Teas.
GWEI-HUA Balm  by E. Excel
Gwei-Hua Balm is made with peppermint, clove, and eucalyptus to soothe
away your aches and sore muscles. This combination of oils soothes insect
bites, and relieves aching, tense muscles. All these calming properties are
contained in a pleasant-smelling balm essential to every household.
(for external use only)
Shower Infusers:  Shower Infusers
are aromatherapy fizzing tablets
that are placed on the floor in a
running shower. The hot
water/steam releases the
Essential Oil "vapors" allowing the
user to enjoy the great benefits of the different oils used.
Available Scents:
Original (Mint)
Energize (Citrus)
Relax (Lavender)
We are excited to annouce we are selling Grande Cosmetics!  
We have the Beauty Choice Award winner for the "thin lip fix".  This product, when used twice per day, can plump
your lips long term.  We currently carry the nudes line of the
Hydrating Lip Plumpers Gloss which includes:  Clear,
Spicy Mauve, Dusty Taro, Uptown Taupe, Toasted Apricot,Cashmere Buff, and Sunbaked Sedona.  

We are also now carrying the
Stay Put Lip Liner!  It is an invisible liner that works for all colors and glosses and
prevents bleeding or smudging outside the lip line.  It is 50% off when purchased with a Lip Plumper!!
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