means to put at ease with a slow graceful movement and that is our
We put the mind & spirit at ease with peaceful surroundings with
soothing sounds, the comfort of a warm table and professional
draping procedures. We respect he modesty of our clients and want
you to feel comfortable. We will put you at ease physically because
we will customize your treatment for your specific pain. Whether you
have a specific problem that you need relief from or just want to get
away to relax, we can help.

Your goal is our goal and we are confident that you will have a good
Melva Mc - “It strengthens my neck, back, arms & legs and relaxes my nerves. I like Connie’s massage   
because she is very gentle and soothing with her work.

Kelly C -     “By chance, I got a massage at Adagio. The results were dramatic. Thenceforth, I was hooked.”


Terry C -     “I ALWAYS feel much better afterwards! My entire body is relaxed afterwards. Connie gives the
“BEST” deep muscle massage that I’ve ever found in Sedalia!!”

Michael A - “I have found the value in a regular massage. It helps to relax tension in the muscle and joints.  It is
part of my regime for a healthy lifestyle.”

Sandy A -    “Connie’s business is neat & clean – very conducive to relaxation & enjoyment of a massage.  
Overall general health improved – fewer colds less aches & pains.”

Kim H -       “Cheerful and good quality service. Always look forward to leaving my massage relaxed and
rejuvenated.  I am a happy customer, who would highly recommend Adagio.”

Noreen L -   “I was a client of Connie’s before she started Adagio. I believe that massage is the way to keep
body and mind in tune with each other. At the age of 65 I intend to stay as healthy as I can for as long as I can.
Massage Therapy is my best weapon.  It is all in the technique. Some massage therapists give a massage.
Connie gives more than a massage. She knows where your problem areas are without you telling her.”
State Fair Shopping Center
1400 S Limit, #5
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-4299
Krista Kempton - "Adagio means a sequence of well controlled, graceful movements and that is exactly what
you'll experience during a massage session. The atmosphere is peaceful and inviting, allowing me to be still
and restful. Connie is very insightful and thorough. She can identify the source of the problem and will
dilligently work to alleviate it. Massage therapy played a huge part in my healing process following my chemo
treatments. I truly believe that Connie's practice can play a significant part in anyone's life, helping them to
achieve a healthier lifestyle physically, spiritually, and mentally."

Greg Sorell- "As a very hard to please customer, even more so on the massage end of things; I would like to
say how very awesome you are! It is clearly evident from  the minute one walks into the Adagio that a very
relaxing and stress relieving visit has started. As the visit continues, things just become more and more perfect
for me. Each time you have asked what areas are giving me troubles and then you proceed to give a great and
professional massage while still attending to those troubled spots. Your special gifts of "seeing with your
hands" truly has made each of my visits wonderful! There is no doubt that I need look no further for the
perfect massage therapist. You are it!"
State Fair Shopping Center
1400 S Limit, #5
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-4299