Adagio means to put at ease with a slow graceful movement.  
Adagio Therapeutic Massage provides therapeutic massage
and bodywork for the enhancement of health and well-being.
We put the mind and spirit at ease with peaceful surroundings,
soothing sounds, the comfort of a warm table, and professional
draping procedures.  Whether you have a specific problem that
you need relief from or just want to get away and relax,
we are here to help.  
We are a spa employing experienced and caring therapists that
exceed standards through specialized training and continual
pursuit of knowledge.  Each member of our staff is chosen
because of a commitment to go that extra mile, to never give up,
and to make a difference for others.  Our goal is to restore health
to our community through skilled hands-on treatments backed
by research and ongoing education.  
To our clients, we commit to provide the most effective,
superior treatment humanly possible at a fair price.  
We are dedicated to provide our clients with nurturing
treatments to promote relaxation and self-healing.  
We strive to achieve each client’s optimal
well-being whether for home, work, or play.
Our success is built on trust, expertise, professionalism,
and a personal touch that always puts the health
and well-being of our clients first.  
State Fair Shopping Center
1400 S Limit, #5
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-4299
Tiffany Kruse - I am currently pregnant and had talked to Connie about my sciatica really bothering me and giving me pain down into my leg and
up in my lower back. She worked all my kinks and knots out and I feel so much better. She definitely is a great massage therapist and her prenatal
massages are amazing!! I highly recommend anyone go to her for any of their needs! Thanks again Connie!! :)

Deina Hill-Stockstill  - Without a doubt the best all around. Connie is not an "oil spreader" , she is a magician!! Within a few minutes her hands
know what your trouble spots are. When you leave, those trouble areas are gone. The most relaxing place around, starting with her waiting room!!

Krista Griffitt - If you are in need of relaxation, Connie at Adagio is the place to go! She always knows how to make sure you leave feeling
relaxed. I highly recommend her to everyone. She is the best in town!

Jack Dukes - Connie is truly a expert in massage therapy. She has a gift of knowing how to relieve the aches and pains. I would recommend her to
anyone dealing with pain or injuries that are nagging, and really get in the way of enjoying daily activities.

Tammy Klein - The best therapeutic massage around. Very professional, friendly and Connie makes you relaxed. I highly recommend her.

Stanlee Miller - Very well experienced and would recommend to anyone looking for relaxation.

Richard DeFord - I occasionally suffer from pretty wicked migraines and Connie has helped me several times.
She knows the appropriate places and pressures to remove pain and it is always a relaxing experience.

Sherry Vinson - Went to Connie for a massage. I was having trouble with my right knee swelling.
My leg hurt so bad I couldn't even get up the 2 knee and up my leg were clogged.
She worked on that area of my leg and by the next day the swelling was gone and I was having a lot less pain when I walked.
I would highly recommend Adagio.

Krista Kempton - "Adagio means a sequence of well controlled, graceful movements and that is exactly what
you'll experience during a massage session.  The atmosphere is peaceful and inviting, allowing me to be still and restful.
Connie is very insightful and thorough.  She can identify the source of the problem and will diligently work to alleviate it.
Massage therapy played a huge part in my healing process following my chemo treatments.  I truly believe that Connie's
practice can play a significant part in anyone's life, helping them to achieve a healthier lifestyle physically, spiritually, and mentally."

Greg Sorell- "As a very hard to please customer, even more so on the massage end of things;
I would like to say how very awesome you are!  It is clearly evident from  the minute one
walks into the Adagio that a very relaxing and stress relieving visit has started.
As the visit continues, things just become more and more perfect for me.
Each time you have asked what areas are giving me troubles and then you proceed to give a
great and professional massage while still attending to those troubled spots.
Your special gifts of "seeing with your hands" truly has made each of my visits wonderful!
There is no doubt that I need look no further for the perfect massage therapist. You are it!"
State Fair Shopping Center
1400 S Limit, #5
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-4299